Site Investigation and Remediation


Whatcom Environmental conducted a Phase I ESA at a former automobile sales, service, and repair facility. Several recognized environmental conditions (RECs) were identified during the Phase I ESA, including an above ground storage tank (AST) and underground storage tank (UST) on the property, and several hydraulic lifts in the building. Based on observations and anecdotal [...]

Site Investigation and Model Remedy


Whatcom Environmental performed a subsurface investigation at a multi-family residential property in Seattle, WA. The client had recently purchased the property and had a report from a previous owner indicating soil contamination existed in one portion of the property. Based on historical research of the property and findings from the previous investigation, Whatcom Environmental determined [...]

Groundwater Investigation for Site Closure


Whatcom Environmental assisted a client with a commercial property investigation in pursuance of a No Further Action (NFA) determination for historical contamination at the site. A UST removal and petroleum contaminated soil removal had occurred at the site in 1998. During the cleanup, a pit water sample was collected which contained petroleum constituent concentrations which [...]

Phase I ESA and Subsurface Investigation


Whatcom Environmental conducted a Phase I ESA for an undeveloped property which was being purchased for redevelopment into a light industrial facility. Several recognized environmental conditions (RECs) were discovered during the Phase I ESA. A portion of the subject property was used as a hazardous waste landfill in the late 1970’s and was listed in [...]

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