Property Redevelopment


Whatcom Environmental conducted a Phase I ESA for a national construction company client as part of the client’s effort to secure a property for redevelopment. The property had been developed with several buildings over the years and had operated as a church since the 1930’s. During the assessment of the site, Whatcom Environmental inspected a [...]

Commercial Property Transaction


Whatcom Environmental conducted a Phase I ESA for a commercial property in Bellingham, WA. The property has been developed with several commercial businesses over time. During the Phase I ESA several recognized environmental conditions (RECs) were identified. The main REC was that and underground storage tank was located at the property in the 1930’s. No [...]

Multi-Family Residential Development Upgrades


Whatcom Environmental managed the environmental due diligence process for a portfolio of properties in Whatcom County under consideration for upgrades to the existing structures. The project included conducting Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for 12 properties with multi-family residential developments to evaluate recognized environmental conditions in accordance with ASTM International Standard E1527-13. The findings of [...]

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