Project Description

Whatcom Environmental Services assisted an industrial facility and fuel transportation company respond to a red dye diesel fuel spill to a drainage ditch and adjacent field which resulted from a tanker-truck rollover accident. Emergency response actions included deploying absorbent pads, sand dams, vacuum trucks, and conducting soil excavation. Whatcom Environmental personnel were onsite to guide the removal of contaminated soil from the drainage ditch and field and collect soil samples to document the cleanup. Following the initial response, additional soil removal was performed to remediate all remaining contaminated soil.

After completion of cleanup activities at the site, Whatcom Environmental prepared a site restoration plan for submittal to the US Army Corps of Engineers. Upon approval of the restoration plan, Whatcom Environmental guided the re-seeding of the area with herbaceous wetland species and a vegetative cover. Whatcom Environmental monitored the site restoration for three years. Based on the cleanup and successful restoration at the site, a No Further Action determination was granted by Ecology.