Project Description

Whatcom Environmental conducted a Phase I ESA at a former automobile sales, service, and repair facility. Several recognized environmental conditions (RECs) were identified during the Phase I ESA, including an above ground storage tank (AST) and underground storage tank (UST) on the property, and several hydraulic lifts in the building. Based on observations and anecdotal evidence, there was strong evidence that a release of petroleum products had likely occurred at the property in the past.

Ten soil borings were advanced at the site to investigate the subsurface soil and groundwater conditions near the areas identified during the Phase I ESA. Soil and groundwater collected at the site contained petroleum contamination at concentrations which exceeded the applicable cleanup levels.

Following discovery of the release, both the AST and UST were decommissioned and removed from the site. Soil samples collected during the tank removal indicated that a petroleum release had occurred at both the AST and the UST locations. Following the removal of the tanks, a petroleum contaminated soil removal commenced at the site. Approximately 2,300 tons of contaminated soil were excavated and removed from the property for offsite treatment and disposal. During the soil removal, approximately 184,000 gallons of potentially contaminated water were pumped from the excavation area for offsite treatment and disposal. Soil samples collected at the extents of the excavation indicated that all soil remaining at the site met the applicable cleanup levels.

Due to the presence of groundwater at the site in contact with the former soil contamination, six groundwater monitoring wells were installed to determine the groundwater quality at the site. Whatcom Environmental is currently working with the client to complete monitoring and move forward in pursuit of a No Further Action determination for the site.