Project Description

Whatcom Environmental performed a subsurface investigation at a multi-family residential property in Seattle, WA. The client had recently purchased the property and had a report from a previous owner indicating soil contamination existed in one portion of the property. Based on historical research of the property and findings from the previous investigation, Whatcom Environmental determined areas of concern for additional sampling at the property.

The investigation included drilling several soil borings and collecting soil samples, as well as collecting soil gas samples from several areas of the property. Groundwater was not a concern at the property due to regional depth. The soil and soil gas samples collected at the property did not contain any indication of petroleum contamination. Using the data collected during the investigation, Whatcom Environmental determined that the site qualified for an Ecology Model Remedy and a report was prepared for the client indicating no further work was necessary at the site. The client provided the report to his bank and secured a refinance for the property.