Project Description

Whatcom Environmental Services assists clients in navigating the many regulations governing hazardous waste.

Waste Designation

Wastes must be properly designated (as hazardous, dangerous, universal waste, etc.) based on process and material knowledge to determine the appropriate waste storage, handling, and disposal methods. Whatcom Environmental is experienced in collecting waste profile data, making the determination, and providing documentation for clients. Once a waste profile has been created, we can advise you on your options for regulatory compliance.

Generator Status Determination

Hazardous waste generators must annually determine their “Generator Status” based on the types and quantities of wastes they generate. Their status as a Small-, Medium-, or Large-Quantity Generator greatly impacts the regulatory burden placed upon a facility, including waste handling procedures, inspections, and reporting. Whatcom Environmental can not only determine a facility’s status but advise you on available methods to keep the status as low as possible.

Annual Hazardous Waste Reports

Facilities that have an active RCRA Site Identification Number are required to submit a report on their waste activities to the Department of Ecology by March 1st of each year. Whatcom Environmental is experienced in gathering the necessary data and entering it in the required online reporting systems. Note that Whatcom Environmental is not authorized to submit a report on a client’s behalf; that must be done by an authorized facility representative.


Numerous records may be required to be kept at a facility for specific lengths of time. Whatcom Environmental has assisted clients in understanding the requirements for their facility as well as in creating site-specific forms for activities such as inspections and waste generation tracking. We have also assisted LQG clients in tracking waste shipping manifests.


In cases where clients preferred to perform these waste-related activities themselves, Whatcom Environmental Services has developed site-specific materials for use in training their employees and managers to comply with the waste regulations and facility-specific rules. We have also conducted training sessions on behalf of clients.