Project Description

Whatcom Environmental assisted an industrial facility respond to an accidental spill of 1,500 gallons of diesel fuel at their site. The diesel fuel flowed through a containment system and into a newly installed oil-water separator. Unfortunately, a defect in the oil-water separator allowed the oil to move past the oil stop valve and discharge out of the separator and ultimately collect in a stormwater detention pond.

Whatcom Environmental personnel were onsite to assist during the excavation of contaminated soil and stained vegetation from the walls of the stormwater pond. The contaminated soil was removed from the site and transported to a licensed treatment and disposal facility. Soil samples were collected to confirm that all contaminated soil had been removed from the site. Contaminated stormwater was treated onsite using carbon filters and stored in temporary tanks during sample analysis. When the stormwater had been adequately treated, it was discharged from the tanks with Ecology approval.

With Whatcom Environmental’s assistance, the facility continued operations with little interruption, and met all applicable Ecology requirements.