Project Description

Whatcom Environmental assisted a commercial client with the characterization and remediation of a red dye diesel spill which occurred due to a pump failure. The diesel flowed across a paved parking lot to the hillside as the edge of the parking lot. Snow covered the ground at the time of the spill, and the visibly stained snow was collected and stockpiled on asphalt and surrounded by absorbents. Whatcom Environmental personnel were onsite to guide the removal of contaminated soil and collect soil samples. Impacted snow and soil was transported offsite for treatment and disposal at a licensed facility.

Once the snow pack melted, additional soil contamination was discovered. Due to the location of the contamination, further excavation was not possible and in-situ enhanced bioremediation was determined to be the best remedial option. An excavator was used to dig horizontal benches at the top of the hillside and chicken manure was placed in the benches. The intent was that the nutrients in the manure would migrate downslope during rain events, following similar flow paths as the spilled diesel.

Follow-up soil sampling confirmed that the in-situ remediation was successful, and the site received a No Further Action determination from Ecology at the Initial Investigation stage, prior to ever being listed as a contaminated site in Ecology’s database.