Project Description

Whatcom Environmental assisted in the remediation of a gasoline station after a petroleum release was discovered during a cathodic protection inspection. Soil samples were collected near the source to confirm and characterize the release. Gasoline range petroleum contamination was present in the samples collected. Additional soil borings were drilled and groundwater monitoring wells were installed to further characterize the soil and groundwater conditions at the site.

During a system upgrade following the release, four USTs were decommissioned and removed from the ground. After the tanks were removed, approximately 3,800 tons of petroleum contaminated soil were excavated and removed from the site for offsite treatment and disposal. Eighty confirmation samples were collected during the excavation to document the successful remediation.

After one year of groundwater monitoring, it was determined that groundwater at the site did not contain petroleum contamination above the applicable cleanup level. The site was issued a No Further Action determination from Ecology. The entire project from the release discovery to receipt of the NFA determination was completed within three years.