UST Investigation/Remediation

UST Decommissioning and Release Discovery


Whatcom Environmental conducted a UST removal and remediation for a commercial client. Two USTs were decommissioned and removed from the site during a system upgrade. During the UST removal, field screening indicated that a release of petroleum products to soil had occurred. Soil samples collected during the UST removal confirmed the release of gasoline range [...]

Model Remedy Results in Property NFA


Whatcom Environmental conducted a UST removal and remediation at a gasoline station where a leak was discovered during a system check. Several drilling events were completed to delineate the extent of petroleum contamination at the site. Four USTs were decommissioned and removed from the ground and approximately 2,300 tons of contaminated soil were removed for [...]

Historic Gasoline Station


Whatcom Environmental conducted a UST removal and remediation at a historic gasoline station property. The property had not operated as a gasoline station since at least the 1970’s, and the tanks and piping were abandoned in place when the property was redeveloped in the past. Five USTs and their associated piping were decommissioned and removed [...]

Active Gasoline Station Release


Whatcom Environmental assisted in the remediation of a gasoline station after a petroleum release was discovered during a cathodic protection inspection. Soil samples were collected near the source to confirm and characterize the release. Gasoline range petroleum contamination was present in the samples collected. Additional soil borings were drilled and groundwater monitoring wells were installed [...]

Soil Bioremediation


Extensive soil contamination was discovered during a heating oil underground storage tank site assessment at a residential property. Whatcom Environmental initiated remedial action involving characterizing the type and volume of petroleum contaminated soil (PCS), removing the PCS, bioremediating the PCS onsite, and collecting clean confirmation soil samples to document the completeness of the remedial action. [...]

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